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Vacuum Excavator Hire Across Scotland

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Vacuum Excavator Hire

Here at Pipeline Energy Solutions, we’ve begun offering individuals and businesses in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and all across Scotland the opportunity to hire our excellent Vacuum Excavator at an affordable price.

Whether you’re involved in construction, civil engineering, or waste removal, vacuum excavation is a more reliable, safer, and dependable approach to excavation.

What can our vacuum excavator do?

The primary use of our vacuum excavator is to draw various materials from the ground. These materials include sand, gravel, stones, mud and water.

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Benefits of using a vacuum excavator?

There are many benefits to using a vacuum excavator over other traditional excavation methods.

These include:

Excavator Hire

What will you be hiring?

If you choose Pipeline Energy Solutions for your vacuum excavator hire, you’ll be pleased to know we only provide high-performing and reliable technology.

Mercedes-Benz Aroces 3251 LK 8×4

This model is well known within the industry for its efficiency, resilience and comfort in whatever job you take in. You can view the full list of specifications here.

VESE 6 RD 8000 RSP Suction Excavator

The vacuum excavator we provide is the ESE 6 RD 8000 RSP Suction Excavator. This model is a standout in the market, suitable for all forms of excavating and disposal jobs!

Primary specifications include maximum volume flow of 42.000 m3.h, a maximum vacuum of 40.00 Pa, maximum suction depth of 45m* and distance of 120m*. You can download the full list of specifications for this model here.

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